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Nutrition and Other Natural Therapies

nutritionDr. Blasi’s approach to designing a health plan always caters to each individual person and their particular health concerns. In addition to Homeopathy and Core Synchronism bodywork, she draws from a selection of natural therapies, such as clinical nutrition and lifestyle modification when appropriate.

Clinical Nutrition:

Clinical Nutrition utilizes food as medicine and addresses establishing a balanced diet for optimal health and wellbeing. One distinguishing quality of naturopathic doctors is our extensive training in clinical nutrition. We understand the role of proper nutrition as the basis for health and may use individual diet plans, supplements, or nutritive herbs as a means to safely address acute and chronic diseases. In addition, we educate and encourage the patient to make healthy dietary choices for disease prevention and assistance in achieving a stable optimal weight.

Lifestyle Counseling:

Naturopathic physicians are well trained to educate their patients on aspects of lifestyle including exercise, sleep, environmental exposures, and stress management. We can formulate multi-faceted plans for optimal wellbeing while empowering the patient to take responsibility for their own health.


Exercise, in addition to a nutritious diet, restful sleep, and healthy lifestyle choices, is an important component of a well-balanced health plan. Practicing what she preaches, Dr. Jenna exercises regularly and has taught fitness classes for over 10 years. She enjoys inspiring people to make exercise a regular part of their routine. In fitness clubs she teaches mat Pilates, spinning, kickboxing, and sculpt classes. In her private practice, she offers small group or one-on-one private sessions of mat Pilates and sculpting routines. While she will work with you at your current level of fitness, she will also push you to achieve levels you did not believe possible, and will challenge even the most seasoned athlete.

Botanical Medicine:

Plants have been used medicinally for thousands of years for their healing properties and are the origins of many pharmaceutical drugs. Whether in teas, tincture, or standardized extract form, they may be included in a holistic naturopathic plan.